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Jul 18, 2019

Ben Brown
This episodes creator is the host of Tourette's Podcast and newest member to the Geeks RIsing Podcast Network.... Ben Brown welcome to the show. It actually started as the twitter page first. Then the conversation developed into sharing their lives and experiences on a podcast.
Before we get to far into the conversation I bring but Ben's amazing voice. I listen to tons of podcasts and I must say that he have this a voice I could listen to all day. Its similar to some of my other favorites like ROMAN MARS from 99% Invisible and  DALLAS TAYLOR of 20k Hertz.
This episode covers Ben's experiences and life and HIS experiences being a creator and also having tourrettes we bound over being young straight edge kids and our love of conversation and the connections of people.
About Tourettes Podcast:
Tourette’s Podcast is a show about experiences. Ben, a host with Tourette Syndrome, talks with fellow Touretters around the world about how they’ve navigated life with this hugely misunderstood neuro-developmental disorder. What we find is that for all the jokes and parody and so on, the real Tourette Syndrome is infinitely more interesting, mysterious, challenging and fun than the popular narrative.
Ultimately, anyone can listen to this podcast and find something to relate to. Plus, the stories are just amazing.
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