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Jul 11, 2019

This episodes creator is a podcast host, musician, content creator privacy conscious  he is intrigued in conspiracies and a big fan of pizza but Most recently he’s created a podcast network.Welcome, Bandrew Scott of Podcastage, Bandrew Says Podcast and the Geek Rising Podcast Network.
We discuss being a creator in the modern age and the natural growth/changes a creator goes through over their career. Also a cricket chimes in to steal the show!
Bandrew Scott has been podcast and making content on the internet for years, he has reviewed too many microphones to name and creates a weekly podcast, not to mention makes some fun music and has a great community. Bandrew recenlty ceebrated his four year anniversary and reach over 100K subs.  Bandrew Scott is the host of Podcastage, the Bandrew Says Podcast, The Creator Case Study, and the founder / owner of Geeks Rising. You can find links to is various outlets down below.
Bandrew Scott
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