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Sep 27, 2019

This episodes creator is a stand-up comedian and a stand up human. He co-produces a comedy show called Laughing Liberally. He is also a writer you can see his work on The Bull Moose Review Blog and he is organizer for  The Peoples  Defense Initiative here in Tucson AZ. His work includes the Tucson Families Free Together and is apart of the campaign to make Tucson a sanctuary city. But you might simply know him as Greenshirtguy Alex ... Welcome to the show.


  • Tucson Families Free and Together

    • Sanctuary City would mean a place people no longer get asked to show papers or harassed about immigrant status in, Schools, Hospitals, work place and by the police,

    • The organization responsible for training local police teaches that it is okay to rely on unfounded racial stereotypes to determine whether a person might be undocumented. For example, a person may be assumed to be undocumented if they don’t speak English, if they dresses a certain way, or if they don’t have a place to live. In its current policy, Tucson fully embraces this problematic guidance, even though portions of it are likely unconstitutional. Sanctuary in Tucson would end this form of race-based policing. Sec. 17-83(h) & (i).

  • The Bullmoose Review

    • The Bull Moose Review publishes progressive opinion and discussion. We are not journalists nor do we make any claim to be an unbiased news source.

    • What you will find here is analysis of current events, political occurrences and history as well as social and cultural trends.





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